How to Wear Matte Black Without Looking Gothic-Trashy Chic

Matte black is one of this season’s key trends. Well, according to Pinterest anyway. This shade is popping up everywhere – on nails, lips, dresses, funerals, dresses. But like most trends, this isn’t easy to pull off for 99% of people. If you’re the lucky 1%, you can stop reading. But if you’re the normal 99%, matte black just doesn’t look chic on you – anyone like a good gothic-trashy chic look. No? Didn’t think so.

matte black

So is there a classy way to wear matte black?

Well, yes and no. The only classy way to wear matte black is to wear it in moderation. A good rule of thumb is don’t overdo anything that isn’t neutral.

You probably know purple eyeshadow with purple lipstick and purple blush could look a bit, erm, purple. Just because black isn’t vibrant, doesn’t mean it will look okay piled on.

Can I wear black lipstick without looking goth?

Take a look at these four beautiful women below. Which one do you think looks most like you? Pick a number – 1, 2, 3 or 4.

PicMonkey Image

Woman 1: Brightly coloured hair – eyes and skin color could range from anywhere from light to dark.

Woman 2: Dark hair and dark features

Woman 3: Light hair and lighter features

Woman 4: Dark hair, light skin and dark features

Now let’s see how these women look with black lipstick

collage 22

Woman 1: Bright hair and black lipstick are the epitome of gothic. If you’re trying to rock bold hair without looking gothic, avoid black lipstick

Woman 2: Dark features and dark skin actually look nice together. It’s a natural pairing and the darkness of this woman’s skin balances out the black lips making it look not so out of place.

Woman 3: Dark lips paired with light skin, hair and features is a no-no. The contrast is too high giving off a real gothic vibe. Back to square one.

Woman 4: This woman has dark features and dark hair… so why does she look the most gothic of them all? It’s all in the skin – her paper white skin creates a contrast seen all the time in goths.

TLDR: It’s not the hair colour that determines whether you can rock matte black without looking gothic… it’s actually your skin color. The darker your skin, the more natural it will look (you know, as natural as black lips can look). Keep in mind when you wear black lipstick you should wear a little blush to give some life to your face.

What about matte black nails?

black nails

Matte black nails are quite easy to rock. If this look seems a little too bold for you, here are some ways to make it classier:

  • Switch up the colour: paint some nails different colours
  • Add gold accents
  • Try avoid having your nails in a pointy stiletto style – this style already looks gothic but with black nailpolish it’s amplified




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