Bizarre New Beauty Cult Dresses Like Victorian Dolls [Photos]

These ladies take vintage style waaaaay too far. And I mean, back 200 years ago far. A strange new beauty cult in which ladies dress like Victorian dolls has cropped up. This cult refers to themselves as Lolitas.

Originating from Japan (obviously), the Lolita look is one of modesty and structure. The silhouette is a basic cupcake shape achieved from knee length skirts or dresses and petticoats. Blouses, knee length socks and headdresses are also used to achieve this intricate and doll-like look.

A mix of the old and new


Lolita is essentially taking a modern twist on an aged look. Classic features like high necklines, petticoats, gloves and wispy waists meet modern features like bright colours, shorter skirts and bold patterns. This turns the look 180° from something your great great great great great grandmother would wear to something a little girl would pick out.

Different types of lace


As with any major beauty cult, it has gained enough momentum to spread into different subsections. From the childish hues of “pastel” lolitas to the skulls and stripes of the “gothic” lolita, there’s a type of lace for everyone.

Perhaps the most bizarre and counter-intuitive style of all is the “boystyle” lolita. This is the male equivalent of this style. However for a style which is by the definition crafted on feminine shapes, this seems out of place.

The dark side of the demure


Lolita is a term that refers to a sexually precocious young girl by dictionary definition, a term that is based on Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita (1955). However, this definition does not apply to Japanese Lolita fashion, says Hello Lace.

However this does not been this fashion subset has not received it’s fair share of critics. Mainly from people who either see it as being a fetish or inappropriate for the modern woman.

How to achieve the Lolita look for yourself

Do you want to try achieve this unusual look for yourself??? Here are some basics:

Lace sleeves


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What is your opinion on Lolita fashion – weird or refreshing? Share in the comments below!

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