The Changing Shape of Kiwis [Diet Trends]

New Zealand has seen a lot of changes in the last forty or so years:  the flag, prime minister’s and even rugby world cup have bounced around. Another thing changing dramatically is the shape of us Kiwis. Our waistlines have expanded and obesity levels continue to climb. But what is leading the change of kiwis shape?

Possibly not the amount we eat. Data from national diet surveys is inconclusive about whether consuming more is the reason for our changing shape. However given exercise rates have stayed static and obesity is climbing, logic says we must be consuming more calories. Jimm Man, Otago University’s professor of nutrition has an inkling about what’s causing our change:

Where are the calories coming from? We’re not eating more protein so they must be coming from carbohydrates and probably sugar.”

The other major change is an increase in junk food, ready to eat meals, highly processed food and the trend of eating out. We’re trending away from a home cooked meat and two veg kind of meal. Instead kiwis are flocking to whatever is cheap, fast and easy.

Want to stop this trend? Here’s a crash course in all you should know about a balanced diet.

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