We would love you to join us in educating consumers on How to Choose the most appropriate product or service for them, in a multitude of categories. From accommodation, health & beauty, and leisure through to tradies, security and construction, How to Choose covers it all.

Your website must be based in either Australia or New Zealand for us to consider a submission.

If you want us to publish your article, please read this guideline carefully.


We are looking for well researched, unique and educational articles that offer real and trustworthy advice on how to choose between leading options in a particular product or service category.

So far, we have articles list in the following categories, but we are happy to add more.

What We are NOT Looking For

Thin or weak articles: Vague ideas that you haven’t put much thought into, and that are not genuinely answering questions people are asking in SERPS.

Advertisements: We will not publish any article that is blatantly promoting one specific company, product or service.

Irrelevant material: We do not accept articles that are not supporting genuine decisions about common consumer products or services. This includes articles on adult content, gaming, drugs, religion or politics.

Article requirements

Original and Unique: Articles must be 100% original and unique. We do not consider articles that you have published or intend to republish elsewhere. You should check to ensure that your idea has not been saturated within How to Choose. Find a fresh angle.

Trustworthy: Topics should be relevant to our readers and offer genuine, educational, and trustworthy guidance on consumer products or services.

Word length: Word length is not critical – quality is. We suggest a minimum of 1000 words, although this is flexible. We are not interested in posts that lack effort and detail. Quality submissions in longer form are also welcome.

Heading: Use heading and subheadings to structure content. Break the article body into as many sections as you need.

Natural Language: Use simple, warm and natural language, and keep it professional.

Spelling and Grammar: All articles are expected to have excellent grammar, punctuation, style and content. Use short paragraphs for readability. If articles are not up to a reasonable standard, they will not be edited or published.

Language: New Zealand/Australian English is expected.

Internal Links: You should add a minimum of two internal links to pages within our website that relate to your article topic. If published, we will also link to your post from two or more existing posts.

Images: You will be expected to source at least two suitable 1200 X 675 (or similar) images (including a feature image) that you have permission to use (stock images are acceptable although original photos are better).

Your article will be strengthened by including relevant YouTube or Vimeo video (place the URL in your article).

Your article will be strengthened by including credible sources such as data, personal experience, or anecdotes.


Any data or statistics you use in your article should link to the original source. All data should be accurate and as up to date as possible.

We encourage you to link to any page or post that will help the reader in gaining further insights. But note that the linked pages should be highly relevant and authoritative.

You can include one dofollow link in your article.

We will ensure all links include rel=”noopener noreferrer” for security purposes.

We reserve the right to remove any link from the content body or mark any link as nofollow if we don’t find it relevant enough.

How to Contribute

Send your ideas or completed articles to admin@howtochoose.co.nz

We will get back to you within three working days with feedback. We welcome long term relationships and regular original posts.

You send the article to us, and we review it. We may ask for alterations or additions to meet our quality requirements. If it does not look like you will meet those requirements without us micromanaging you, we will not continue the process.

Once published, How to Choose has copyright ownership to your content. It must not be subsequently published elsewhere.

We do not pay for contributed articles.

We do not guarantee that your article will be published.


Cost to publish will be NZD $20 -$50 depending on our assessment of the quality of the article. All links will be Do-follow.

Include a Bio

Include your name, description and 300 X 300 photo for your bio.