Choosing Between Two Heat Pumps

Hanna asks: I’m in desperate need of a new heat pump. My little Hamilton flat is getting pretty chilly! I’ve narrowed my options down to two models: the Mitsubishi Designer Series EF25 and the Fujitsu ASTG14LUCB Premier Plus. Do you know either of these models? And where should I buy my heat pump?

Hanna, you have made my job a lot easier by picking out two terrific models. Because you were able to pick out two superb models, I assume you already know the basics about buying a heat pump. So I will try not to boggle you down with common knowledge.

So onto these two specific models. Here is a breakdown of their specs for easy comparison.

Mitsubishi Designer Series EF25 Fujitsu ASTG14LUCB Premier Plus
 Price $1995 $2100
 Cooling Capacity 2.5 kW 4.2 kW
 Heating Capacity 3.2 kW 5.4 kW
 Energy Efficiency COP Heat 4.78/EER Cool 4.58 COP Heat 3.67/EER Cool 3.36
 Room Size Small room or office Small – medium sized room
Heat pump and workmanship warranty 5 years 6 years
 Human sensor infrared technology No Yes
Colours Black, white or silver White

Breaking this down further:


Mitsubishi wins by $105. Both of these prices are relevant as of 2015 and include GST and installation if purchased from Goldstar Heat Pumps.

However price is by no means the most important factor when choosing a heat pump. Considering you may use this heat pump for many years, a $105 is even less significant.

Cooling & Heating Capacity

When heading into winter, it’s tempting to just look at a heat pumps heating capacity. The thought of your heat pump blasting cold air through your house probably sends shivers down your spine.

But you need to think long term about your heat pump and consider cooling capacity. The Fujitsu model wins hands down with both heating and cooling capacity having nearly double the kW.

So Jo, does this mean a higher kW will mean a higher electricity bill? You may be wondering.

In short: most likely not. Lower efficiency causes more of the electrical energy coming in to be converted to heat rather that usable stepped down voltages. In that sense a higher efficiency is more economical according to Tom’s hardware.

Energy Efficiency

Mitsubishu had a larger COP heat and EER cool.  COP or Coefficient Of Performance, shows the kWs of heating or cooling you receive for 1kW of power. So higher COPs equate to lower operating costs. Whereas EER is the Energy Efficiency rating.

So you want a heat pump with a large COP and EER. the Mitsubishi model won in both these respects.

Room Size

This one is fairly self explanatory. Because you mentioned you live in a flat, I presume you don’t have much space. So either of these models would work fine. It just depends where you want to put the heat pump.

Personally I would get the Mitsubishi model if I were looking for a heat pump for my room or an at-home office. I would get the Fujitsu model if I had a somewhat large lounge that needed heating. Ie neither of these models are superior in this area.

Heat Pump and Workmanship Warranty

Fujitsu offers heat pumps under a six year warranty whereas Mitsubishi only offers five years. This extra year shouldn’t be a make or break point. But still, Fujitsu comes out on top here.

Human Sensor Infrared Technology

Have you ever driven halfway to work only to realise you left a heat pump on and your cat is probably having a sauna? Or have you felt frustrated about needing to set up your heat pump every time you enter or leave a room?

The Fujitsu model has a neat and modern feature to counter this: introducing human sensor infrared technology. Besides being a mouthful, this technology cleverly reduces unnecessary power usage. Fujitsu wins hands down.


Henry Ford was famously quoted saying, “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” Mitsubishi abides by this quote by only offering this model in white. Fujitsu offers this model in white, black or silver. Fujitsu wins once again.

Now with whatever model you choose, one place comes to mind for you to buy from: Goldstar Heat Pumps. Goldstar heat pumps sells and installs heat pumps in Hamilton. Plus they sell both of these models!

In short: Mitsubishi is kinder on your wallet, Fujitsu is kinder on your home.