Drainlayers vs. Plumbers – What’s The Difference?

Drainlaying and plumbing, both primarily deal with pipes and water inflow and outflow, but services provided by drainalyers and plumbers while co-related can be different in some aspects. So if you have a clogged drain, low water pressure, wastewater leakage, or burst pipes who should you call – a plumber or a drainlayer?

In this article, we will tell you the exact differences between the two and when to call a drainlayer versus a plumber. Read on!


Drainlaying refers to the installation or repair of a drainage system by a licensed person. It is a process to fix or unfix a pipe to a residential or commercial wastewater system. People who offer drainlaying services are called drainlayers. In New Zealand, all drainlaying work must comply with the Building Code. The building inspector reviews the drainlaying work to ensure proper installation and safety. The Building Control Authority will not issue a “Code Compliance” certificate until the building contractor signs off on the work. In general, drainlaying services include –

  • Drain installation, repair, surveying, and replacement for a residential or commercial property.
  • Public drain extensions
  • Installation and repair of storm-water pipes.
  • Installation and repair of wastewater pipes, spouting,
  • Maintenance of septic tanks and toilet drains.

A properly installed drainage system is essential to protect community health and maintain an eco-friendly environment. Drains carry wastewater and enter a septic tank or sewer.

Drainlayers offering drainage services involves the process of removing wastewater from your residential or commercial building. Usually, drainage pipes are angled downward and make use of gravitational force to drain the sewage away to a septic tank or treatment facility.

Inadequate drainage systems can cause mold and mildew and can even damage the structure of the building. This occurs when water is left to pool around the building’s foundation instead of being drained away.

All in all, if you are having issues with a flooded driveway, carpark, or a sports field, you need to call a drainlayer.

Drainlayers can install a new drainage system and help with regular maintenance of your drainage system. They can also help with installation of a water tank or a septic system, surface water issus, and sewer systems.


In New Zealand, plumbers essentially deal with general household issues in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry including hot water pressure, showers, leaks and renovations. Here is a a more comprehensive list of services that plumbers in NZ provide –

  • Hot water cylinder upgrades
  • Installation and maintenance of instantaneous gas hot water systems
  • Repairs and replacements of burst pipes
  • Shower and bath plumbing
  • Water pressure services
  • Residential plumbing maintenance
  • Commercial plumbing maintenance
  • Toilets and cisterns plumbing
  • Installation and Replacements of fixtures including taps and showers

Some plumbers in New Zealand also provide bathroom and kitchen renovation services. Most plumbers are also gasfitters and can help you with gas leak detections, gas disconnections, gas boiler radiator central heating systems, natural gas and LPG installations.

Regular maintenance of your plumbing can make the life comfortable and help with avoiding plumbing emergencies and incurring big costs.

Some plumbers are registered with the Master Plumbers Association, which has a high level of quality assurance, experience, and skill level.

Plumbing is a system, which carries water to your residential or commercial building. It includes the installation of pipes and tanks as well as fittings that are needed for water supply. The water going through the pipes is clean as it comes from the pipe network connected to the water supply source.


Wrapping up, drainlayers install drainage systems or drainage pipes. Drainlaying experts install channel drains for the rapid evacuation of surface water or chemical spills. If you want to install or repair a detention tank in the sewer system to even out peak flows, you will have to call a drainlayer.

Drainlayers also do diagnostics of areas to detect problems in the drainage system, and after careful inspection by the team, they give you solutions or options to fix them. A drainlaying service is likewise needed for drain installation, repair, and maintenance. You can even call them if you have issues in soak holes.

In contrast, you need services of the plumber if you have problems like low water pressure, a dripping faucet, water heater issues, running toilet, shower leaking, pipe breaks leading to wet spots on the floor or carpet, and an overflowing toilet.