How Air Conditioning Can Make Working In The Summer Better

The summer heat in Christchurch can sometimes be unbearable. With temperatures reaching up to 27°C, it can make working conditions very uncomfortable. However, by installing an air conditioning unit, you can make your workspace much more inviting. 

Air conditioning can help to remove the humidity in the air, making it feel cooler. It can also help to circulate the air in your workspace and keep you cool. Cooler air can help your focus and productivity within the workplace as well. 

Benefits of Keeping Cool

The science behind air conditioning is pretty simple. Air conditioning units cool air by removing heat from it. They do this by using a refrigerant, a substance that quickly changes from a gas to a liquid and back again.

Air conditioning can make a big difference if you’re struggling to stay cool in the Christchurch summer heat. It helps to take the edge off the heat, and it can also help to keep you from sweating, keeping you fresher throughout the day. 

When it is warm at work, it can be hard to sit still as you are uncomfortable and feel sticky. Keeping your place of work cool, eliminates this issue. 

Air conditioning helps with physical health

Air conditioning helps regulate our body temperature. If our body overheats, our sweat won’t evaporate, and our bodies can’t cool down. This can lead to heatstroke, which can be fatal. 

Air conditioning creates a cooler environment for our bodies to sweat in, which helps regulate our internal temperature, also minimising the risk of dehydration.

Air conditioning helps to reduce humidity 

When it’s humid outside, our bodies have a more challenging time cooling down because the air is already saturated with water. Air conditioning removes some water from the air, making it easier for our bodies to cool down.

Air conditioning can help filter out air pollution 

During the summer, air pollution levels can be higher due to the increased use of air conditioners and other sources of emissions. Air conditioning can help to remove some of the pollutants from the air, which can reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals.

Air conditioning can reduce your risk of respiratory problems

This is because the air can be filled with pollutants when it’s hot and humid outside. Air conditioning can filter out pollutants and help you breathe easier.

Air conditioning can help reduce the spread of diseases

When it’s hot and humid outside, diseases such as the flu and covid can spread more quickly. Air conditioning can help to reduce the spread of these diseases by circulating clean, filtered air.

So there you have it! Air conditioning can help to keep you healthy during the summer months. Be sure to use it wisely and stay cool!

Increase Productivity 

When the weather heats up, it can be more difficult to find the motivation to work, and while there are several ways to stay cool during the summer, nothing beats air conditioning. 

Yes, fans can help circulate the air and keep us cool, but they can also be noisy and make it difficult to concentrate. When the temperature outside reaches new highs, there’s no substitute for AC. 

Did you know that air conditioning can make us productive? Here’s how: 

Air Conditioning can Reduce Stress

When we’re stressed, our bodies release a hormone called cortisol. This hormone is designed to help us deal with stressful situations, but it can also have a negative impact on our health. 

Chronic stress can lead to several health problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. It can also make it difficult to concentrate and make decisions. 

Air conditioning can help reduce stress levels. Workers exposed to cool air reported less stress than those who weren’t. So if you’re overwhelmed at work, take a break and head to the cool air. You may find it helps you relax and get back to being productive. 

Air Conditioning Improves Cognitive Function 

When it’s hot outside, our cognitive function can suffer. This is because the heat can cause dehydration, leading to headaches and fatigue. 

Dehydration can also make it difficult to concentrate and make decisions. In one study, dehydrated workers performed worse on cognitive tests than those properly hydrated. 

Fortunately, air conditioning can help keep us hydrated by reducing the amount of sweat we produce. And when we’re adequately hydrated, our cognitive function improves. 

So if you’re struggling to focus at work, ensure the AC is on. It could be just what you need to get your mind back on track. 

Air Conditioning Reduces Sick Days 

When the temperature outside rises, so does the risk of getting sick. This is because viruses and bacteria thrive in warm, humid environments. 

Air conditioning can help reduce the risk of illness by keeping the temperature and humidity comfortable. 

Air Conditioning Increases Productivity 

When the temperature outside is hot, we tend to move slower and make more mistakes. This is because the heat can make us tired and unfocused. 

Fortunately, air conditioning can help us stay cool and avoid these productivity pitfalls. If you’re struggling to get work done, ensure the AC is on. It could help you stay focused and get the job done. 

Air Conditioning Makes Us Happier 

When it’s hot outside, we tend to get cranky. This is because the heat can make us irritable and stressed. Fortunately, air conditioning can help us stay cool and avoid these negative emotions. Make sure the air conditioning is on, it could help you boost your mood and make the day more enjoyable. 

The Bottom Line Air conditioning can do more than just keep us cool. It can also help us stay relaxed, focused, and productive. So if you want to make the most of your summer, ensure the AC is on.

Save Money

While most people think of air conditioning as a way to stay cool in the summer, it can actually save you money at work. By keeping your office cooler, you can lower your energy bill and increase your productivity. 

One of the best ways to save money on your energy bill is to use a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to set the temperature for different times of the day, so you’re not cooling an empty office. 

You can also take advantage of natural ventilation by opening windows when the weather is cool and using fans to circulate the air. 

In the summer, the sun can be a major source of heat. By closing blinds or drapes, you can keep the sun from heating up your office.


In conclusion, air conditioning can make working in the summer much better. It can help to keep you cool, and it can also help to improve your focus and concentration. If you are looking to make your summer workdays more bearable, then investing in a good air conditioner is a wise decision.