Choosing the right cooling system: Advice from Auckland electricians

The summer is coming and I’m sure we can all realise the importance of having an air-conditioner in your house. 

Sometimes, you might even think having just one air conditioner is not enough. What if your friends want to come over for a movie but you only have one air conditioner in your bedroom? What if you have 5 bedrooms in the house? Would that mean 5 air conditioners to install? 

Depending on your house and personal needs, sometimes, you might be recommended a ducted cooling system instead of multiple air conditioners. So we have two options, which one would be the best for you this summer? Let’s have a look at each option and see what Auckland electricians recommend. 

What it’s like to have multiple air conditioners?

Having multiple air conditioners simply means you need a separate air conditioner for each room. Each air conditioner comes in two components: an outdoor unit drawing air from outside and an indoor unit to bring the temperature-adjusted air into the room. Therefore, the more air conditioners you have, the more space is taken in your house. 

Despite having multiple components, installing air conditioners is relatively easy. You just have to find a place to hang the indoor unit in the wall and a nearby place outside to place the external units.

The unique thing about having multiple air conditioners is that you have full control of the temperature and other cooling options of each room.  

According to HRV, a package of three air conditioners starts from $5,997

An air conditioner comes with 2 units, one indoor and one outdoor

What is a ducted cooling system? 

A ducted system is a built-in central air conditioner that works for the entire house. Similar to an air conditioner, a ducted system also requires an outdoor unit to take air in, but you would only need one external unit for the whole house. Another difference is that instead of having a visible indoor unit like air conditioners, the central cooling unit is placed in the house’s ceiling. This unit is connected to multiple ducts and brings cool air in through a grille in each room. 

Because there is only one cooling system, the temperature will be the same throughout the house. 

A ducted system might look simple, as most of its parts are out of sight, but it actually has a much more installing process, especially when it is not installed at the same time the house is built. Therefore, you should always consult with electricians to make sure it would fit your house. 

Because of its complicated system, the price for a ducted system is higher, starting from $8,000 for a small house with the installation fee included. 

The indoor of unit of a ducted system is placed in the house’s ceiling

Which is the right one for your house? 

So now you understand the characteristics of each system and how they work. To make the consideration easier, here is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each option. 

Multiple air conditioners 

  • Advantages 
  • Air conditioners require a lower initial investment
  • All the units are visible, so it is easy to clean and maintain 
  • You can control the temperature of each room 
  • The running cost is typically affordable 
  • Disadvantages 
  • It will not be as effective and efficient with large rooms
  • Noticeable units might affect the decoration of your house and make it less aesthetic 
  • It will take more space, both inside and outside the house. 
  • The temperature throughout the house is not even, so places where the air conditioner can’t reach will not be cool. 

Ducted system

  • Advantages 
  • The system will not affect the decoration of the house 
  • It can reach all the rooms 
  • The ducted system can potentially add value to the house 
  • Disadvantages 
  • The initial investment is higher 
  • You can change the temperature of one room 
  • The installation can be complicated

That’s all about air conditioners and ducted cooling systems. To make sure that you pick the best choice, there are more to think about in specific to your house and family.

A ducted system will work best if you have a lot of rooms in the house and they are spacious. Multiple air conditioners, on the other hand, would be better if your family members have different preferences for room temperature. 

The physical condition of the house is another factor. Does your house have enough space for two units for each air conditioner? Is this a good time to put the central system inside the ceiling? If your new home is still under construction, should you consider putting the ducted system as it is being built? 


Both air conditioners and central cooling systems are made to adjust the air temperature for your home, but each is designed for different house conditions. Therefore, it is important to understand their pros and cons and refer back to your situation when making the final decision. 

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