Bouncing Your Business Back After a Burglary

Lucy asks: Last week my business suffered a devastating blow. Some crook broke into my dairy and had a feast. My stock take says they took at least two weeks worth of food! I had no idea my lock system was so faulty. I’m even more worried they will come back next week to try take even more food. What can I do?

Having a stranger recklessly break into your business and steal your precious stock is one of the most heartbreaking feelings a business owner can experience. Stock is carefully chosen after lots of research and lined up perfectly to appeal to your valued customers.

And to think that some stranger came in and recklessly swiped as much as they saw fit must be difficult. All you are left with is insurance documents, a broken lock and distrust in the community you live in.

While it must be tempting to put up a sign that says “closed until further notice” and sit down feeling miserable, you really do need to act immediately.

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Acting right now is great for two reasons. Firstly it protects your business against the robber and their friends. Secondly it gives you peace of mind. Until this issue is resolved, it will keep you up at night.

So it makes perfect sense to get this solved immediately. But in the real world, business owners put this off. The situation is stressful enough without needing to worry about finding a new security plan right? I mean isn’t it all so complicated?

It is actually as easy as calling your local locksmith

No it can’t really be that simple! I mean it is 2:00am and I haven’t filled out any paperwork and it is the weekend and and and…

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There are lots of excuses for why right now isn’t a good time. But I would argue that right now is the best time. The longer you wait, the more stressed you will become. It is also giving the robbers plenty more time to go in for seconds.

So act now. Regardless of the time and day. So why can I say that with full certainty? Because I know some locksmiths offer 24 hour service, seven days a week!

Take for example Chubb. This mobile locksmith throughout New Zealand operate 24/7 meaning if you really wanted to, you could call and book their service right now. So if you’re looking for locksmiths in Auckland right now, give Chubb a call.

So I’ve fixed the lock… now what???

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After a locksmith has solved the immediate problem you might be a bit confused about what to do next. I mean, your business has never been burgled before. Do business owners usually just take a breather here or start up their business again?

Well you could carry on doing business the same way you did before. Except you probably shouldn’t. Yes you should feel secure in the job that your locksmith did. But the craftiest thief can find a way around your brand new lock system.

This is where a security system comes in handy. Security systems add that necessary security to your premises and can even help catch the robber in the act. A security system shouldn’t be thought of as just extra security – this should be considered vital security.

In short: Get onto securing your business in the short term immediately.

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