The Perfect Christmas Present for ANYONE

Let’s face it, Christmas ain’t all jingle bells. It can be incredibly stressful especially when it comes to presents. And the most stressful part is trying to choose presents for different people. You need to go into serious Sherlock mode to work out what to get for your uncle Joe, sister Sue and childhood friends. And what do you end up with? A big bill and an even bigger headache.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: there’s an easy way to expedite the whole present buying process. That is because there is one perfect Christmas present for anyone and everyone. From your uncle who likes cooking food on the bbq to your six month old niece. Even though this present can be used by literally anyone it is still incredibly thoughtful. And what is that present you ask?


Santa’s little secret: security

Security isn’t a present Santa often puts under the tree. Why? Well perhaps because a better security system would stop him from getting into your house! But the more likely reason is security isn’t an easy gift to give. I mean security is something we all need. But it’s not easily gift wrapped now is it.

Has your family ever been devastated by a burglary? It’s quite a shock to the system – a stranger in your homeStealing your possessions. Invading your privacy. If your family hasn’t gone through this, you at least know someone who has. It is a sad reality but it’s a reality we need to stop denying. People take things that aren’t theirs. People want your things. People you love are at risk.


So what can you really do?

You have three options:

  1. Give your loved ones a Christmas card wishing them safety over the new year
  2. Give them an ornament neatly giftwrapped with a pretty ribbon
  3. Actually give a gift that will improve their lives

If you’re a bit sick of the first two options, then let’s have a little talk about the third option.

“But Jo, how on earth can I give security??? It’s a nice sentiment and all but it’s pretty impractical.”

Actually giving security is easier done than thought. You should know your loved ones homes fairly well. Have they been complaining about a faulty lock but not doing anything about it? Do they even have a security system? These questions may feel a little awkward thinking about – it might just make you feel like a burglar. But what’s worse – you thinking like a burglar for a few minutes or your loved ones coming eye to eye with a real burglar?

SO here are your options

Contact a security expert. Does your friend need a locksmith? Get your loved ones in touch with a mobile locksmith like Chubb. Or contact them yourselves and ask for brochures and other easy to access information. You can’t make a purchase decision for someone else. But often the main hindrance to getting your home security is all the time and work it takes. You can save your loved ones of at least some time.

Have a secure and merry Christmas!