Choosing the Best Breed of Dog

A lot of New Zealand homes opt for a pet to complete them. While pet choices can range from furry to scaly, rodent sized to waist height, a popular choice is often a dog. Commonly refereed to as “man’s best friend” a dog can be a great choice for your home.

Choosing that you want a dog is the easy part – choosing from many breeds is where it gets complicated. Here are some simple ways to choose the best dog for your home:

Consider Your Home/Living Space

If you have an apartment, small rented space or an area with no backyard, a labrador or German Shepard probably isn’t your best fit. The smaller your space, the smaller your dog should be.

Likewise if you live in a very large house and have an expansive backyard, a small dog may not be your best bet. While a small dog could fit in these spaces, it’s more likely to get lost, trapped and feel overwhelmed.

What is Your Purpose for Owning a Dog?

If you want a little lap dog that is content to lay down for hours with little need for constant stimulation, consider a small lap dog like a Pomeranian. If you have small children, aren’t near large parks or spaces or are elderly this dog may suit you quite well.

If you want an active dog to take for walks, play chase with, compete in shows or follow you around the home consider an active dog like a Golden Retriever. You should be prepared to put in more time for these kinds of dogs.

Brains or Brawns

Ask whether it matters to you whether your dog is intelligent. Intelligent dogs pick up tricks easier and respond to cues. Frequently you will find that the dogs typically considered cute are all bark and no bite. They may look nice but pick things up slower than bulkier dogs.


These are all just suggestions for picking the best breed of dog. They are not concrete rules to abide by and the facts stated are not true in every case. Some big dogs can act tenderly in small spaces. Some typical lap dogs may get reckless and need lots of walks. Keep this in mind when looking for your new addition to the family.