How to Choose a Property Management & Maintenance Electrician

If you are in the business of property management, or have multiple properties that you own or manage, you need an electrician on speed dial. And if you have properties in multiple cities, then you may need an electrician in Auckland, and an electrician in Christchurch

So how do you find a registered electrician you can rely on?

Property Maintenance and Electrical Repairs

Due to the age of buildings in New Zealand you will want to know that they have significant experience with common electrical issues:

  • Lighting upgrades, repairs and maintenance
  • Switchboards installation & replacement
  • Hot Water System Repairs
  • Emergency Repairs

Hot water systems could extend to installing Rinnai Infinity gas hot water systems to save money in both the short andlong term


Again, if you own building that are getting a bit past their used by date, you may be considering renovating to increse the value and safety of your property. Renovations can be challenging and a major disruption to your personal life and home. They can also amount to a lot of unseen costs and from an electrical point of view safety can be an issue if you are living at the property.

In addition to the above repairs, check with your electricians about the following tasks:

Repairs and Maintenance

Make sure your electrician is available 24/7 for electrical faults & emergency repairs. 

While less urgent, you will also want to come to an agreement about proactive maintenance, which could include an annual Electrical Warrant of Fitness. 

  • Scheduled servicing & maintenance
  • Safety inspections & maintenance plans
  • Testing and tagging