Making Sense of Cranes for Sale in Australia

There are hundreds of mobile cranes for sale in Australia. How much do cranes cost to buy? Where do you buy a crane from?

According to one of Australia’s online marketplaces for new and used cranes for sale, there are over 500 mobile cranes currently for sale in Australia. The majority of people searching for a cranes for sale only consider used cranes for sale. Almost a quarter only consider new cranes for sale, with a small percentage looking at both new and used cranes for sale.

Used cranes for Sale
Kato NK500E-V – 2003 50 Tonne, Truck Mounted Crane

How much do cranes cost to buy?

Mobile cranes can cost well over $1,400,000, with the average price around $135,000. 

By way of comparison, here is a selection of all terrain cranes for sale in Australia. They are all used cranes, and show the range in age, price and features.

Used 1989 Tadano All Terrain Crane – Tadano AR200-M $60,000+ AUD

  • 20m Full Power Boom, Automatic Moment Limiter, Automatic Transmission, 5,000km+
  • Expired major inspection certification.

Used 1999 Liebherr All Terrain Crane – Liebherr LTM1060-2 $260,000+ AUD

  • 60 tonne, 42mTelescopic boom, a 8x6x8 configuration, 120,000km+
  • Valid major inspection certification.

2007 Liebherr All Terrain Crane – Liebherr LTM1055 $400,000+ AUD

  • Telescopic boom, a 6x6x6 configuration, air conditioning, 50,000km+
  • Valid major inspection certification.

2010 Liebherr All Terrain Crane – Liebherr LTM1160-5.1 $650,000+ AUD

  • 62m Main Powered Boom, 22m Swing Away Fly Jib, 46 Tonne Counterweight
  • Air-Conditioned top and bottom cabins.
  • Valid major inspection certification.

2014 Liebherr All Terrain Crane -Liebherr LTM 1130-5.1 $1,000,000+ AUD

  • 60m Main Boom, 19m Swing Away Fly Jib, 50,000km+
  • New 10 Year Inspection Certificate.

2013 Terex All Terrain Crane – Terex AC200 – 200T Crane $1,400,000+ AUD

  • This crane was the shortest 200-tonner on 5 axles with 12.6 m carrier length.
  • 7-section 68 m boom with Unimec telescoping and pinning system giving unequalled 100 m combined boom-and-jib length with the 33 m boom extension fitted.
  • This crane can lift 200 tonne.

Where do you buy a crane from?

One of the major suppliers of new and used cranes for sale in Australia is TRT. TRT has over 40 years experience in new crane sales, used crane sales, service, repairs and crane parts and more than 20 years in Australia. 

TRT manufacture their own TIDD Pick and Carry Cranes,  and also sell Grove mobile cranes, as well as Kobelco and Manitowoc Crawler Cranes. 

8500 1a
Manitowoc Crawler Crane – MLC100-1 – 100t Self Assembly

TRT also sell used cranes in Australia. All used cranes for sale from TRT are inspected, serviced or repaired, by their own experienced service technicians, are fit for operation and are available Australia wide.

Crane sale and service companies like TRT will frequently sell new cranes to their customers and then offer the old crane as a trade-in, or list it on behalf of their customer.

Another service companies like this provide, is helping their clients to who are looking for a specific used crane that they cannot see on the market. They may know who is looking to trade or if there are any similar used cranes coming onto the market in Australia. 

So if you are in the market ofr a new or used crane it would be beneficial to form a relationship with someone who can do the looking for you.