The New Lily Drone is Nothing Short of a Game Changer

The selfie stick? So 2014. The amazing new Lily drone makes the selfie stick seem not only old fashioned, but primal and archaic.

Have you ever gone to take a picture with your friend only to be met by a close up of your arm taking over half the picture? What about trying to get a nice picture of the landscape behind you only to find your arm isn’t quite long enough?

These common problems have existed since the camera was first invented. Another problem photographers didn’t even know they had is how flat and limited their photo is. By that I mean photos lacked a 360┬░ view.

The best solution camera manufacturers had was a panorama. But this led to hilarious photos such as these:


The Lily drone gives HD and wideframed photos. Perfect for those who like to get on their feet, it flies above and around users to get the perfect photo or video. It also dives underwater to get the most Facebook-worthy photo you can imagine.

If you haven’t yet seen the Lily drone in action, watch this video and prepare to be amazed:

With all the advances in drone technology, skeptics have been questioning the usefulness of this. However with the Lily drone, there is no doubt that this technology will help many people.

Sure it’s not set out to cure cancer or assist people in a way that will improve their lives. But does this make it any less useful? Absolutely not. There is no doubt that the Lily drone will improve lives.

And if it doesn’t improve lives? Then just think longer term.┬áScientists have crafted a drone which can follow people, respond to commands and, possibly most importantly, interact with it’s environment.

And if technology interacting with its environment doesn’t scream revolutionary to you, I don’t know what will.