Want Your Kids to Eat More Veggies? Do This!

Raising kids is a toughie. Your little human is so so precious to you and you’d do just about anything to make them smile. But sometimes what makes them smile isn’t what’s good for them. That’s right, I’m talking about those sugary snacks little mouths love.

You know veggies are best for kids. You also know that when you were a kid you couldn’t stand ’em! A few of you honest adults would admit even today it’s hard to keep them down. So how the hell are you supposed to convince your kids that veggies are the best thing since chocolate milk.

Here’s the secret weapon fitness mom’s have been using to keep their kids happy and healthy

Chefs know best


There are so, so many reasons to get your children involved with cooking- bonding time, teaching them important life skills and making them feel valuable. One surprising benefit for giving your kid a little chef’s hat is making them more invested in the food.

If you put hard work into something, you would like to experience the rewards of it, right? It’s the exact same with children cooking! When a child helps cook food, they’re more invested and more willing to eat it. Next time I’m steaming up some broccoli you can bet my little critter will be right beside me learning just how much salt to throw in the mix.

Like father like son


Before having kids, I had no idea why mums called their kids their mini-me! It seemed a little vain in all honesty. But now it makes perfect sense – my daughter copies everything I do. She stands like me, plays with her hair like me and picks up every phrase I use (note to self, get cooler phrases).

The best trick I have for getting my daughter to eat veggies? Eat them first. Eat them at the start of your meal like it’s the thing your most excited for. Telling my daughter to eat her veggies has done nothing. In fact, it only seems to make her not want to eat them. The little rebel!

Try not to get in the habit of making a meal for you and one for the kids. Instead make one meal as a family.

Let’s play a game

Kids have wild imaginations don’t they? I always wonder where they get their big crazy ideas from. A great way to convince your kids to eat vegetables is to play a little imagination game.

Does your daughter love dinosaurs but hate broccoli? Tell her to imagine she’s a dinosaur who needs to chew through five miniature trees as fast as possible. Does your son hate peas but love video games? Tell him peas are used to level up. Ideas like this seem ridiculous to us but for some reason kids can’t get enough of them!