Why Eating McDonald’s Saved My Life (And Could Save Yours Too)

I’m lovin’ it. No really, I am. Eating McDoald’s has for a long time been seen as the epitone of having no self respect, morals or dignity.

If you crave a Big Mac, you’re really craving an early grave. If you crave some chicken mcnuggets, what you’re really wanting is to eat the most unethically slaughtered food you possibly can. And if you give your kid a McFlurry you might as well sign the Child, Youth and Family forms and say goodbye to your kids.

That has more bull than the Japanese Mcdonald’s Big Egg! (Pictured below)


But what if, somehow, eating Mcdonald’s was not all that bad for you. In fact, what if there was a secret health benefit that was actually good for you. And I don’t just mean good – I mean life saving!

If you weren’t aware, green diets have finally been shunned for what they really are: dangerous. In fact, a green diet might just kill you. In absolute short, raw leafy greens have high levels of Oxalate. Consuming so much Oxalate can cause some very serious health problems.

Some of these problems include Oxalate toxity, kidney stones, torn bladder tracts and Oxalate stones which can form anywhere – including the brain.

What about those buns huh?

Another misled health trend has been cutting out pasta, rice and bread from diets. As I tried illustrating before, people need a balanced diet. It doesn’t take much brainwork to understand why.

Unfortunately people who cut carbs out of their diet do not have brain work. No, literally. Carbs or Glucose is the brains main source of energy according to The Franklin Institute.

Cutting the energy in your brain is bad for so many obvious reasons. However a not so obvious reason is this: when you sleep, your neurons are still at work repairing and rebuilding their worn out structural components. Less energy = less time to repair.

Carbs also lower the risk of contracting diseases and offer vital nutrients to your body. So what about all the added sugar in Mcdonald’s buns?

Truth be told, Mcdonald’s buns haven’t been sugary for over ten years now. In 2004 they decreased the sugar in buns to less than 5%. So the crossiant you had with your morning coffee has more than double the sugar – 11%!

I’ve got a beef with the meat


The thing that really grinds people’s gears about Mcdonalds is the meat. Beef, chicken, pork, fish – people aren’t happy about it. The main beef people have is that it is too processed.

Before you cute out McDonald’s on a mass rumor, why don’t you test it out first? Spare four minutes to watch this clip and get a tour through McDonald’s meat processing factory


If you want to cut to the chase, here it is: McDonald’s gets meat from animals, leaves out the yucky stuff and then cuts it up to sit happy in your tummy. That’s it. No funny nonsense. No pink slime or chemical X dumped in. Just meat.

Okay so Mcdonald’s might not be so bad… but why should I really eat it?

Mcdonald’s offers one health benefit that health gurus have neglected – the importance of a balanced diet. All their burgers knock off five out of the six items on the food pyramid. Talk about a balance!

Because at the end of the day, health isn’t about how many greens you eat or carbs you avoid. Quite the opposite really – health is about the balance you enjoy.

And that’s the thing about food. It’s not just to keep us running. It’s to give us pleasure. Tasty food is good for our emotional well being. Ask someone who has been on a restrictive diet for six months – it is detrimental to your well being.

So I don’t know about you, but I’m going to keep lovin’ it.