Whiteware Washup: New vs Secondhand Fridge [Quick Tips]

Felicity asks: I’ve just started flatting this year and it’s been great so far – that was until our fridge broke. My flatmates got it dirt cheap secondhand. We’re looking for another fridge but are divided about whether to go new or secondhand. Please keep in mind that we’re students and can’t afford anything too nice!

Flatting is already challenging enough – flatting with rotting food and divided flatmates must be nearly impossible. Unfortunately a fridge isn’t something that you can decide to forgo. With how quickly our food goes off, it just is not an option to go without a fridge – unless you want to go through a carton of milk in a morning!

I have good news for you Felicity: you should be able to buy another fridge secondhand safely. I know you didn’t have a positive experience with your last secondhand fridge. So here are a few quick tips for buying a fridge secondhand:

Check The Seals Before Sealing The Deal

One rookie mistake when buying a used fridge is to not check the seals. This is something you can miss on first glance but it becomes very apparent when you adapt it. If you’re not sure what I mean by seals, they’re the rubber parts on the door that connect the body of the fridge to it’s door.

A door that leaks air chews up your dollars. That’s right – a fridge with broken seals may end out costing you more than a new fridge! A bad seal might signify a poor gasket around the door’s perimeters or hinges that need adjusting.

Swing To The Right

Check which direction the fridge door opens assuming it has the one door. This won’t dictate the fridges quality but it can create a major inconvenience.

It’s What Is Inside That Counts

Give the inside of the fridge a very good check. Are all shelves and drawers in good repair? Are any missing? Are the light switches and control knobs functioning? How about the temperature settings?

A final consideration is the fridges age. Perhaps you found a sizable fridge from 2002 for only $25. Before you swipe your card, you may want to reconsider. Home Tips suggests that any refrigerator more than 10 years old will most likely not be as energy efficient as a model you could purchase new today.

Maybe after all this, your flat decides to buy a new fridge. That’s okay too! Since you are students, you may not want to buy the $5300 Samsung 680L Sparkling Water French Door Fridge Freezer – even though a fridge that makes sparkling water does sound great!

The most simple tip for buying fridges cheaply is to look online. Buy straight from the manufacturer if you can. If you can’t just search for fridges from least expensive to most. This way you can be sure not to scroll past your set budget.

If you weren’t under tight time constraints, I’d recommend checking out home shows. The Hamilton Home and Garden show is a must for whiteware.