How to Choose a Burglar Alarm

Theft is too common of a problem in New Zealand. We all know of someone who came home to find their possessions taken and their sense of security taken. At best it leaves them with hefty insurance paperwork. At worst it leaves them feeling vulnerable and distrusting their country.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your home and family, you need to invest in a burglar alarm. You don’t need to be a victim to this traumatising event.  And if you have recently come home to find gaps where your TV and sound system used to be, you don’t need to be a victim any longer.

Firstly you need to decide how much you are willing to fork out on a burglar alarm. The best burglar alarms aren’t cheap. But are the contents of you home cheap? Is the value of your feeling of safety cheap? As such, you probably shouldn’t find the cheapest burglar alarms you can find!

But this doesn’t mean you need to find the most expensive security system either. You don’t need a high security commercial security system just to protect your small condo! Just and find a balance between what your security is worth and what you require.

For standard security systems, such as the ChubbWatch Standard Residential security system you could be looking at $1,236.25 to $2,055. On the other end of the spectrum, is the ChubbWatch Hybrid Security System from $1,466.25 to $2,155. Ask yourself whether $100 is such a big price to pay to get maximum security.