How to Choose Wired or Wireless Security Systems

Whether looking to protect your home or business, it is vital to get the best security system possible installed. When deciding between wired or wireless security systems, Chubb offers some insight into which is best.

“A wired system is more reliable.  They offer a lower long term cost because the components don’t have batteries that need to be replaced, and the signals between system components are clear and powerful because there is no signal interference from the house construction.

When building a new house, choosing a wired security alarm system is definitely recommended, as the wiring can be easily completed while the house is being built.

When retrofitting an alarm system into a house, a wired system is still recommended, due to the reliability and performance it offers.  However in practice, sometimes it is not practical to retrofit a wired sensor to a particular point in the house.  In this situation a wireless component can be best.”

Further information on wired and wireless security alarm systems can be found here.