How to Choose a Builder

A building is the foundation for a successful business or a comfortable home. Trying to choose a builder for residential buildings, commercial buildings or renovations can be stressful. Because it is such an important decision, it is essential to know some basics to look for and judge potential builders against.

Some of these basic comparison points include:

Licensed Building Practitioner

When looking for a practitioner, having a license ensures the company is trustworthy and credible. Roger Ramsey Building is a ‘Licensed Building Practioner’ meaning they only employ trade qualified builders- staff capable of working on your project.

Registered Master Builder

If a practitioner is a registered master builder then quality is ensured. Roger Ramsey building is a member of the Registered Master Builders Association of New Zealand. This basically means they offer guarantees to the homeowner which ensures quality of workmanship.

Fixed Price Contract

When building or working on any project, it is likely unexpected costs will occur. Sometimes builders will charge you extra without clarifying these costs with you and only charging you at the end. However some builders, such as Urban Homes, offer a fixed price contract- so the initial cost will not change unless the homeowner requests a variation to the initial project.

Impressive Portfolio

Perhaps there is no finer way to get a scope of your builders potential than their portfolio. Being able to see other projects they have worked on- and even better, any awards won, will give you an idea of what they could build for you.

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Because there are so many builders in Hamilton to choose from, you have the opportunity to choose one who specialises in your project. If you are looking for residential, commercial and renovation projects Urban Homes would be best for you. However, if you are looking for rural and small town buildings then it may be better to go for specialist Roger Ramsey building.

Deciding which builder to employ should not be taken lightly. A house or commercial building is a significant investment and choosing the wrong company could have a long term impact.