Simplest Way to Choose a Security System

Finding the right security system can be tricky. The market is flooded with lots of different options. Even though you know the importance of security systems, the process of selecting one is so complicated that it’s easy to be put off.

The process doesn’t need to be difficult. Chubb, experts in home security have created an easy to use online tool. This tool breaks the process into three simple steps. Let’s begin:

1. Consider Your Premises

What exactly are you trying to protect? Choosing a commercial security system differs from a residential security system. You may have realized that. But you might not have considered the differences between security systems for apartments, villas, small homes, medium family homes and large family homes.

2. Consider a Budget

When considering a budget, keep in mind its reasonability. If you’re trying to protect a business on a villa sized budget, you probably won’t go far! TradeHQ summarised different packages offered by Chubb:

Standard package: The standard package is the most cost effective security solution.

Hybrid package: The hybrid package features both hardwired and wireless components, which means greater flexibility and installment of components. It has… 2 wireless internal sirens, 2 wireless pet immune PIR sensors, 2 wireless door reed switches and 2 bi-directional remote controls.

Premium package: The premium package offers the highest level of home security.

High security commercial package: The high security commercial package is ideal for small to medium businesses seeking a security solution.

3. Receive a Quote

Now I can’t give you an estimate here! This step requires pursuing the help of a professional who can analyse your needs and give you an estimate quote. The experts will handle the rest.