Choosing An Expert Face Painter

You don’t know how forceful your child is until you’ve taken them to a carnival where they spot a face painter. Suddenly your child has John Cena-like strength and willpower as tough as iron. You finally take your child to the face painter, wait in line for fifteen minutes and then watch in dismay as your child’s butterfly looks more like a paintball accident.

If this has ever been you, then you know the consequences of choosing a bade face painter. But what’s even worse is being the event manager surrounded by disillusioned kids and parents demanding their money back.

While it can be tempting to choose a painter with no experience to save costs, this will come back to bite you. So the first thing you want to look for is experience. If possible, find a painter with a large portfolio or a list of impressive events they’ve worked at.

The best way to know the quality of your painted is to see them at work. Keep in mind that they are usually under a very tight timeframe. It’s similar to McDonald’s chefs who never (and I mean never) make burgers that look as good as the advertisements.


A tighter timeframe really does impact quality. But a good painter should still be able to work to a high standard.

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