How to Apply Liquid Lipstick Like a Pro [Video]

I love a long lasting lipstick that stays bold and pigmented all day. That is why I’m obsessed with liquid lipsticks. The only thing I can’t stand is having to apply them. It always spills everywhere and makes me look like I’ve drank a few too many bloody mary’s!

In this fun tutorial, you will learn how to apply liquid lipstick so professionally, people will think you hired the Kardashian’s makeup artist!

Top tips for well defined lips

  • Dab concealer over your lips to make the lipstick pop
  • Use a lip brush for precision
  • Create a X on the Cupid’s bow for extra oomph
  • Always outline your lips first with lipstick or a matching pencil

How do I choose a liquid lipstick I will love?

When choosing a liquid lipstick, it is important to choose one that suits your unique face and style. The perfect lipstick colour will make your eyes pop and skin glow. The wrong lipstick colour will make your skin look too rosy or yellow.

Take some time now to analyse your face in the mirror. If your skin has yellow, peachy or golden undertones you have warm undertones. When working with warm undertones, look for coral, warm red and orange based lipsticks.

If your skin has pink, red or bluish undertones you have cool undertones. When working with cool undertones, Style Caster says you look best with apple red, berry and cooler lipsticks.