The Best Products For Fighting Humidity Hair

Summer is a pretty bittersweet time for women. Shedding heavy coats and exchanging runny noses for a healthy glow comes with a cost – hello humidity hair!

As the temperature climbs, you may find your hair starts to do the same thing too. Before you know it, your hair has tangled itself into a frizzy mangle. And don’t you even think about fixing it with a hairbrush – the static never does good things.

Dr. Andrew Avarbock, a dermatologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center reckons this is because of hair being too dry when it meets humidity. Avarbock told New York Times,

“When it’s humid outside, dry or porous hair soaks up the excess water in the air, which alters interactions between keratin proteins,”

The outcome is swelling of hair breaks in its outer layer, called the cuticle, he said, resulting in the appearance of frizz. Yes, this is as damaging as it sounds.

Yet some lucky ladies walk around with hair that looks as sleek and controlled as it does in winter. A few of these ladies were blessed with good genetics. The others have been let in on a little secret: humidity control products that actually work.

So what separates the winners and the losers?

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“If hair is well moisturized, then environmental changes, such as in humidity, will have less impact on it,” Dr. Avarbock said. So hair products that moisturise the hair help soften the blow of humidity.

A dash of dry shampoo

One of these products is dry shampoo. For those on a budget who still want a great product, try Johnson’s Baby Powder. Instead of washing your hair daily, use dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and grime.

This also helps by taking away the need to wash your hair daily. Shampoos strip the natural oils produced in your hair. This causes your hair to become dry and limp – especially in humidity.

Use it by sprinkling a little on the top of your hair and massaging it into your scalp. Don’t use it on the ends and body of your hair though! This can give it more unwanted volume.

A quart of conditioner

Now that your hair appears clean, it is time to give it the conditioning it so desperately needs in this temperature. Say hello to deep conditioner. Hair often becomes frizzy because it has not been properly moisturised.

If this is the case with your hair, it is in desperate need of a deep conditioner. Usually deep conditioner should only be used a few times per week. However when your hair is damaged and in humidity, it is acceptable to use it nightly for a limited amount of time.

A deep conditioner I would strongly recommend is John Frieda Frizz Ease Rehydrate Deep Conditioner. At only $6 it is a steal too. Your wallet and your hair can thank me later.

A spritz of hair spray

The final product you must get is a anti humidity hair spray. While hair sprays usually lock texture in, these sprays lock the elements out.

But finding a good humidity hair spray is easier said than done. They either work great and smell funky or smell great and work funky.

Thankfully one hair spray has set out to beat this trend. And that is the Aussia Sydney Smooth 12 Hour Anti-Humidity spray. Besides being a mouthful and a half, this spray works wonders. With all the humidity in Australia, you would expect nothing less than a top notch anti humidity spray from them!

After a trip to Farmers my hair is still lackluster… so what gives?

However these products need a bit of a push to get the maximum usage out of them. So there are certain things you should do to get the best results.

Firstly you should never leave the house with wet hair on a humid day. If you leave the house with dry hair, it will continue to absorb the moisture from and air and become limp and frizzy.

Furthermore allowing your hair to dry naturally is best. The heat from the drier fries the ends of hair. So if you shower in the morning, you might want to change your habits.

You should also avoid brushing your hair. This adds more volume to already frizzy hair. Instead learn to fingercomb your hair.

What is your humidity fighting secret weapon?