New Year New Home: Building a Home You’ll Love in 2016

I don’t know about you, but my new years resolutions have always been much too simple. Lose 5kgs, get in touch with an old friend, pay more attention to my eyebrows. This year I wanted to really make a change. So I’m starting with the thing that’s tolling my state of mind the most: my home.

We spend a good portion of our lives in our homes. So if  your wallpaper is fading, windows are dirty and, even worse, you’ve let mold into your home, you will feel dingy. But if your walls are painted a warm, rich hue, your windows let in a lot of light and your home is healthy, you will be much happier. And if you’re happier at home, you will find yourself much nicer to your flatmates, spouse or cat!

To build or renovate… that is the question!


If you are absolutely fed up with your home, you probably want to throw away the key and start fresh somewhere else. But for some this isn’t practical… or affordable! If another one of your new years resolutions is to save a hefty amount of money for a retirement fund, you might not want to build a house! Renovating is a great way to personalize your home while keeping your favourite quirks from your current home.

However if you have the money and time to invest into building a new home, then go for it! No feeling compares to building your own home. I would say the closest thing is walking through a beautifully preserved castle. Except this castle is your own.

You should renovate if…

  • You love your current home’s land
  • You own your current home
  • You don’t have time to plan an entire house
  • Your home is safe

You should build a new home if…

  • You rent/don’t own your current home and renovating isn’t an option
  • You can’t stand your current home’s location
  • You have the funds and time
  • You have a very particular idea about your dream home

I’ve decided to renovate! What next?


So you have decided to keep your humble abode. Next you need to think about the changes that you want to make. There are probably a few obvious ones if your head, like getting the kitchen remodeled or re-sizing your tiny bathroom. Here are some less obvious ideas you might not have considered:

  • Are your bathroom tiles allowing mold to form?
  • Is your kitchen properly insulated?
  • Would oak features in the kitchen match their heirloom kitchen table better?

To make sure you will love your home in 2016, get off the computer now. Walk through your home. Take notes of all the design elements that you chose – not the ones that already existed. Think about why you chose them, why you love them and how they coincide. Think about the unexpected elements of your house that you like. Why do you like them?

Renovating your home isn’t just about fixing what you don’t like. It’s also about the solution – creating something you love, and will continue to love. Look at interior design magazines for inspiration, but don’t live and breathe them. These tend to focus quite heavily on trends. So if you get bird wallpaper because it featured in all magazines in 2016, you will hate it come the next calendar when everyone has monotone wallpaper. Renovation isn’t fashion: it’s expensive and can’t be interchanged in the new season.

I have good news for you: this is where your hard work ends! It’s time to call a professional and they’ll sort the rest. If you’re in the Waikato, try Roger Ramsey for Waikato renovations.

Actually I think I’ll start fresh

Sun tan outside

Building a new home is a scary resolution. It’s certainly more challenging than losing 5kgs and more time consuming than teaching yourself a new skill. Except it is monumentally more rewarding. Truly nothing compares.

So where do you start with this huge task? With every brick by boring brick. It’s actually a relatively simple six step process! Here’s how hamilton builders Urban Homes suggest you do it!

Stage 1- Preliminary Design

Our experienced architect will custom design your home to suit your build budget and lifestyle – for a fraction of the design cost you would usually pay. We quote for this service based on the extent of your project.

Stage 2 – Developed Design

We will provide you with concept drawings – including a floor plan, elevations and a cross section – that will enable you to see exactly how your home will be situated on the site and how it will look and feel. We will work with you to get these drawings 100% right, even if it takes several drafts. Once you sign off the drawings, we can provide a fixed price quotation to build your new home.


Stage 3 – Quoting Process

Once the developed design is completed we will begin construction costing. Approximately three weeks later we will provide you with a full fixed price quotation and summary, which will detail exactly what is included and excluded in the price. Plans and Council permits will be included in the quote unless specified otherwise. This quoting service is free.

Stage 4 – Quote Acceptance and Contract Documents

Once you have accepted the quotation we will draft up a Master Builders full build contract, and complete a Registered Master Builders guarantee application. Once you sign the contract agreement a contract deposit will be invoiced to you. Working drawings will commence as soon as the deposit is paid.

 Stage 5 – Working Drawings and Consents

Working drawings will be completed and submitted to Council for consenting. If you wish, we can also organise an engineer to carry out any structural, drainage or geo-tech reports required by Council at this stage. The working drawings usually take three weeks to complete, and then a further 20 working days to be processed through Council.


 Stage 6 – Construction

Construction can commence as soon as the plans are approved by Council and the building consents are granted. Prior to this, you will be given a construction schedule with a start and expected completion date. We will also assign an experienced project manager to liaise with you from the start to finish of your build project.