How to Choose a Home Safe

When looking to protect valuable goods or money, it is essential you get the best value possible. A home safe is not something you would like to be cheap about. Afterall, a cheap and faulty home safe is almost worse than having no safe at all.

When choosing a safe, you need to consider everything that you are protecting your valuables against. If you are protecting something extremely valuable, you need to look for a safe that is resistant to burglary and fire. If you are just looking for a safe to protect a basic good, you may not need combined protection. When it doubt, keep in mind that you are less likely to regret the safest option.

Security is the main feature you should be looking for. A good indication of a secure safe is a heavy steel door, double walled construction, door securable steel bolts and an electronic lock. A great safe which fits all these requirements is the Chubb Alpha Plus Safe.

Security isn’t the only feature that you should look for. It’s often worth it to look for safes with additional features to make life more convenient. These include LED interior lights, anchoring kits to resist unauthorised entry and key overrides.

To learn more about home security options and safes available to suit your needs, contact Chubb to make deciding easier. They are the safest choice.