Eyebrow Game Not Strong: 3 Eyebrow Disasters of 2015 [Photos]

2015 is not the year of the sheep.Well, not anymore. The sheep has moved aside and this year has been more appropriately named the year of the weak brow.This was supposed to be the year of the strong brow. People grabbed their tweezers, wax, eyebrow pencils and patience to don the best brows. 

Unfortunately somewhere along the way people got a bit off track. This resulted in some absolute eyebrow disasters. Be warned, this post will make you cringe!

1. Eyebrows ready to fly the coup

Imagine having eyebrows so awful that even they want to spread their wings and fly away. While eyebrows should have a natural curve, people have been taking this too far. If you want to achieve this bizarre look for some unknown reason, either pluck your eyebrows to an excess or shave them off and redraw them in this strange shape.


Instead you should try…

Plucking a natural curve! While you should shape your eyebrows so that they frame your face best, no face shape suits overly arched eyebrows. Take for example this woman’s brows. look how an arch can take you from bold brows to bird brows


2. Bleached into oblivion

Bleaching eyebrows has been a strange trend for a while. But in 2015 for some unknown reason it has really taken off. On the one hand, there are people rocking brows so big they take up half your face. On the other hand, there are people withering away with their lack of brows.

There are so many things wrong with that. It’s common knowledge that people look funny without eyebrows. Check out this hilarious site to see celebrities without eyebrows – spolier alert: no eyebrows makes Willy Wonker look like a Tellytubby.

miley-cyrus-vmas-host (1)

Instead try…

Plucking, waxing, threading, anything else! If you really despise your eyebrows, even leaving a little bit of hair is better than colouring them out of existence.

3. Mellow yellow looking anything but mellow

Whether you want to call it mellow yellow, gold or baby food yellow, this trend is one I can only hope will pass quickly. Once on the catwalk and now on celebrities such as Miley Cyrus’ face, this trend already has too much momentum.image3-1024x825

It’s similar to bleaching your eyebrows except somehow worse. It strips you of defined brows and leaves you with a faint yellow line. No thanks!

Instead try…

Bleaching your eyebrows! It is still a crime but if you really must be a special snowflake and get rid of your eyebrows, at least get rid of them completely. Yellow eyebrows are never complimentary.

One trend that is taking over in the best kind of ways is big, natural brows. Read here how to emulate Cara Delevingne’s sassy brows!