5 Weird Japanese Beauty Tools You NEED to See to Believe

The Japanese have some pretty bizarre ways to become beautiful. As strange and potentially dangerous as they are, are they effective? Well, you be the judge!

1. Mouth Workout

Do your smile lines make you want to spend your life in a constant state of misery? Then fear not, the Japanese have you covered. This bizaare contraption is supposed to help reduce smile lines. Just wrap this tool around your face and do some mouth exercises.

This way you can stop looking so dang happy while mimicking a fish. Double bonus!Screen-shot-2015-07-23-at-5.28.38-PM

2. Smile Line Face Belt

Once again the Japanese are keen to make it look like you don’t have fun in your ever. Time to lose those happy lines ladies! Not only does this belt reduce your lines, it also claims to make your face smaller. Stay weird Japan.


3. Nose Strap

This part time nose shrinker, part time torture device is set to become your new beauty best friend. That is if you can withstand twenty minutes of leaving thisĀ thingĀ on your nose!


4. “Face” slimmer

Although this device claims to slim your face, it looks like this may just be a funny mistranslation. This strange Japanese beauty tool is used to work out the muscles in your face used when saying vowels. It sounds complicated and scientific but looks ridiculously funny!


5. Beauty Voice Trainer

This tool which looks like it walked straight out of a clinic is supposed to open your throat to improve your singing ability. It even comes with a tuning fork to practice!