Straight Forward Guide to Renovating Your Kitchen

Rachel asks: After visiting a friend’s new house I couldn’t help but get major kitchen envy. So I’ve decided to renovate my kitchen in my little Hamilton home. It all seems pretty complex. Can you maybe simplify the process? 

Renovating your kitchen can be complex – and expensive. But for the payoff it is well worth it. But you only receive as much as you put in. By that I mean your kitchen will only look as good as the effort, time and money you put into it.

The end result also depends on your vision for your kitchen. Sometimes you only want a simple renovation such as new sinktops. This doesn’t require much money or time but can make all the difference for some people.

Other times you want your entire kitchen remodeled and renovated. Now this costs time and money that not everyone has. Whether your renovation vision is big or small there is one thing you need: an expert.

Sure there are certain things you can do by yourself. However it is not possible to do everything by yourself and get a safe and wow-worthy result. Be aware that at any time of the kitchen renovation process you can call in an expert.

The absolute first thing you need to do is refine your vision. This involves reflecting on your ideas and screening them through a practicality test. Here are some questions you may want to ask:

  • Does this fit my budget?
  • Can my housing style accommodate for this plan?
  • Is this something I genuinely love or is it a passing fad?
  • Does this suit my lifestyle?
  • Does this suit my potential family’s lifestyle?
  • Will I still live here in five or ten years time?
  • Is it worth the cost?

There are many more questions you can ask tailoured to your specific ideas. Along the way you may find you have new ideas. You will also find some ideas that seemed great as you were falling asleep are incredibly impractical. Low hanging cabinet? No thanks!

Make sure you use as many resources as possible at this stage. Don’t just limit yourself to websites. Also check out magazines, books, guides and photos – lots of photos.

If you’re a very visual person, make an inspiration board. This can be either physical or digital. The only thing it needs is the ability to easily move images to it so your ideas can come to life. Having this visuality may even help a kitchen remodeler know what you’re really after.

If you’re more of a written word person, start learning terminology. Make sure you can describe your ideas to a t. However even if you despise photos or creating a visual record of your ideas, it is still useful to have some sort of visual document. If not for your sake, then for the builders.

Next you need to think about the expertise you require. Many homeowners start by hiring an architect or designer. Others might work on their own with a builder or contractor.

Professionals are available to help you with everything from contracts and permits to space planning, budgets, choosing finishes and fixtures, shopping, ordering products, helping you set up a temporary kitchen, and managing your project from start to finish.

It is up to you how independent you want to be. You mentioned you live in Hamilton. If you are looking for Hamilton renovations, Urban Home has won multiple awards and is regarded as one of Hamilton’s top renovations company’s.

Once you have decided upon the expertise you require, now is the time to lay down the law. Specify how much you are willing to spend. But keep in mind that things almost never go according to plan. Things go wrong and budgets may unexpectedly change. Try not to blame your contractors for this.

In short: Plan, plan plan!